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About Us

UTM India offer one stop solution for all Your requirement.

Handles all types of jobs

With an assortment of handles in different shapes, colors and sizes and lengths, you're sure to find the right one for your laptop repair needs. We offer them in both thin and chunky varieties so that they're easy to grip and use.

Wide range of Screw Drivers

We have screwdrivers of all shapes and sizes - flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, torx head screwdriver - so that you can find one to fit any type of slot on your laptop or mobile device.

Screen protectors for your Screen

Protect your screen from scratches and smudges by using our durable screen protectors! Made from tempered glass, these protectors will last a long time - ensuring a good quality viewing experience!

Troubleshooting made easy

Laptoptool.in is a one-stop-shop for all your laptop troubleshooting needs. From diagnostics to repairs, we can fix anything from a dead battery to a broken screen in minutes!

Online store with repair guides

Need some help? Browse our detailed guides and DIY videos on all things laptop repair - from keyboard replacements to battery swaps, we've got you covered.

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